Monday, February 25, 2013

Finding Life Short Film Showcase

This short film was written for anyone struggling with alcohol or any other life struggle for that matter. There is hope. Just keep going!

2013 Portfolio Showcase

I absolutely love photography. I believe the learning process will be never ending which is one of the reasons it has my heart. The various types of pictures shown in the 2013 section are different types of photography such as landscapes, night shots and portraits which I am learning about as this is posted.



Walnut Bridge, Chattanooga 2013

Street Portrait

Behind the scenes: Autistic Architect

Short Film Poster

Peaceful Flow

Mystical Site

Old Copper Road Stream

Detailed Duck

Macro Hopper

Comin' Atya

Dog Fruit

Sun Glass

Reeder Wedding, Rhode Island 2012

Auto Shop Boys

Brotherly Sunset

Light Painting Fire

"Here in the power of Christ I stand"

Vivid Sunset

Mystery Falls

Abigail, 2013

Manipulated Mushroom


Cabin Emotion

When it comes to night photography you have to think about the composition thoroughly before pressing the shutter. I recommend using a remote release, flashlight for areas that need extra light and a tripod is essential. This photo was taken around 10:15 pm in December in about 20 degree weather. The exposure time is 16 minutes. ISO 640 shot with an aperture of f/5.6. The long exposure allows the stars to trail and give a nice effect.

Little Boy Blue

This candid portrait shows human emotion. The elements I think that are working nicely are color, lines and framing. I love how the boys head is framed in the background and the lines from the wood that lead the viewers eye to the subject.