Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Outdoor Life Show


This is a short video I put together for a class. It's filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Thanks a lot!

Beautiful Hike in Carroll County

My dog Kiz and Myself decided to go on a random hike one day in Carroll County, Virginia. Four Hours later we encountered a Cabin and turned around.

Crooked Creek

Near a Fee Fishing area in Virginia.

Evening walk on The New River in VA

My Cousins and I took a walk down the New River. It was another way to sum up our Grandmothers 80th Birthday!

Stoots Mountain, VA

I've been going to this spot since High School. I used to canoe here a lot. A wonderful place to fish!

One of my Meditating Spots

If there is a day I may be feeling down & out, this is my place to be! You can see the New River Trail on the opposite side where many Bears have been spotted.

Random spot I found while exploring in VA.

Near the Ocoee River

What a wonderful hike it is once you get there. I believe it's over a mile to the waterfalls. Near the Ocoee River in Tennessee.

Some Scenery From The Top of Pilot.