About Me

  1. My name is Nick and I try to stay as POSITIVE as possible at all times. I live one day at a time learning from the mistakes I have made in the past. My past is an asset to my daily living routine. Spiritual progression is what I strive for moment by moment because if it was not for my God I would not have breath to breathe life. I'm grateful to be a healthy adult today and make it a point to love everyone no matter how hard it may seem. Overall, I seek to have knowledge of Gods will and strength to carry it out!

          That's my dog Kiz! She is seriously my other half and adds to this interesting life. I often take her hiking with me on the trails, especially the locations I have not been. 

          One of my goals consist of running into some bear action while outdoors. This happened once while I was rifle hunting with my friend Travis. We had just got set up at the top of the hill where there was a clearing and an apple tree. Not even ten minutes later we continued hearing this crackling noise which we thought it was just a little ol' squirrel or something to that nature. Looking over to the right, here walked a large Black Bear directly towards us. I immediately looked through the scope of my rifle and had my crosshair ready to fire. At this point, I didn't realize there would be fines due to the out of bear season rules and regulations. In conclusion, I did not pull the trigger and he went back through the pine trees where he came from. Later, we heard some turkeys nearby but we were DEER hunting and did not see what we were after. Seeing the Black Bear made my entire hunting season that year! So there is a few random facts about myself.

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