Thursday, March 8, 2012

Benton Falls 2012

Over Spring Break 2012, my friend Jesse and I decided to take off to the Cherokee National Forest and hike towards Benton Falls. On our way we experienced some of the most extravagant scenery, along with a snake encounter! Luckily neither of us got bit, although I think my dog Kiz managed to get bit from being overly excited. After making it to the Falls and enjoying the day, we ran into some Search and Rescue Team members. They had four dogs with them and everyone got a long wonderful and I showed them a picture of the snake, the man said, "That is a Tennessee Water Snake". Listening to their stories really made my day! Very thankful and grateful to be able to walk with my own two legs. We got in around six miles or so today! Anyways, we learned a lot and I enjoyed every moment of it!


Hope you Enjoyed!!! Have a Blessed Day!

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