Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hiwassee River
Here is a picture of a particular fishing and camping spot I often go to. It isn't too far off the path which makes it easy to access and carry all of your supplies. My friends and I decided to go fishing one day but everyone wanted to fish near the boat landing. I had a good sense that a big catfish was going to be caught that night so my friend Abby and I came to this spot away from the dock. After we set up two fishing poles with chicken breast as bait, I thanked the good Lord for blessing me with the opportunity to enjoy a place such as this. We brought the game "Catch Phrase" and played while waiting on something to bite. I called my friends back at the boat dock to see if they had any luck yet in which they had not. Not many minutes later I glanced over at one of the rods and the tip of the rod was nearly touching the water. "This is it!" I said. Automatically I began to reel my line and could tell it was a large fish on the hook! Abby started yelling, and I was saying "thank you Jesus" time after time. It took around ten minutes to get to the rocks, but we had done it!

Betsy Ross

After I got her on the stringer, we took a few pictures then called the other guys. They didn't believe I had caught one so we went to prove it to them and ended up naming the fish Betsy Ross. When we arrived on campus that night we were all making predictions on how much we thought the fish weighed. Turns out it was 19 lbs. Wow! What a priceless event.

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