Monday, February 13, 2012

Memory Lane

Monroe Falls
Oh what a wonderful part of Gods Country this is! After being in school all day, my high school friends and I would load up the vehicles and park down the river at a pull over spot. We then would cross the river to a trail that actually leads to MANY beautiful river locations, but this one in particular is where we always ended up. There is nothing better than swimming on a hot summer evening with friends! Monroe Falls holds a special place in my heart that still to this day I take trips there. This picture was taken in Summer 2011 when my brother Zack and I started our hike in an entire different direction. After going through many creeks and catching three frogs, we found ourselves at this familiar rock. When we began our journey I had no idea I was headed down memory lane!
This is a bass I caught one evening at the Monroe's.

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