Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leaves of Fall

When the day is as beautiful as one like this, how inviting nature becomes. The power of the wind blowing against you and the sun showing its presence make a wonderful time to hit the mountains! If there is a time in life one may question how we live, it's simply right in front of our faces. Gods Omnipresence is awesome and evident that He created the world with such a beautiful environment which allows us to breathe. There are days I feel extra energized and like to think of myself as a Rambo-wannabe. Instead of walking, I will run and jump over logs and climb up rocks until I run out of breath. I'm just thankful to have both of my hands and feet to enjoy life the way The Lord has allowed me to. I say, "take it moment by moment, day by day and praise the one who has given you this day".




Rocky Road


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