Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Reed

This was taken on a Sunday in Summer of 2010. My friend Granger and I decided to do some canoeing down the Little Reed River. During this day we had plenty of time to kick back, so we thought... After getting through the first bend we found ourselves constantly rowing as to which we came up with a system of yelling "row left!" or "row right!" This worked for a while until we encountered many rough rapids. Let me say that the rapids got the best of us, we lost most of the cooler, fishing supplies and I learned to never take a cell phone while in the river. After this incident we sailed smoothly for maybe half an hour. Next we flipped the canoe numerous times as a result of high rapids and other factors. Much beautiful wildlife and ultimately nature itself captured this day to wrap up an amazing canoeing experience!


  1. I love hearing about your canoeing experience...what an adventure... sounds like an exciting day... so much fun!!!!!

  2. I must say I really enjoyed viewing all your pictures...What an amazing world we live in !!!

  3. The photo of Pilot Mt. was so cool...I will put that on my list... of places to visit..Thanks